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Kumous helps multi-talented people with diverse work experience and training backgrounds to land jobs that they totally love.

We help you to think outside of the box and discover what you truly have to give. Learn to define and verbalize your unique expertise so that everyone gets you and sees what you have to offer.

We offer free inspirational materials that help you find the key to success in your job hunt.

Anna-Maria Leogrande

CEO, Co-Founder
With a background in education and the humanities (MA in Cultural Studies), Ama has worked with activities and research projects related to employment for the past 5 years. She’s strongly inspired by her belief that we all have the right to find fulfilling, motivating and meaningful work. She also thinks that job hunting can actually be fun and rewarding, and she wants to share that with others. Traditionally, so many people feel like job hunting is an isolating solo mission, but she challenges us to rethink that story line. Ama’s mission is to empower people to have positive job seeking experiences, and she’s all about building the right tools and communities to make that happen.

Minna Rantama

Minna has been helping job hunters in her network for over 5 years. She’s always had a knack for helping people land jobs, and two years ago she decided to turn that passion into her own business: Kumous. She’s a social scientist by education (MSc in International Relations), and it’s pretty fair to say that she’s made some bold career moves over the years. In discovering her own multi-talents, she realized that there are tons of people out there just like her; people who have so many awesome things to offer that it’s hard for them to define themselves professionally. Minna’s mission is to empower multi-talents to think outside of the box and to land jobs that they totally love.

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